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Do you have a need for Environmental Land reclamation?

Environmental Land reclamation can be a costly and involved process, but efficient practices, such as advanced soil handling and reclamation processes, allow us to make sure sites meet governmental regulations while keeping timelines and budgets in mind.

SLA Services Include:

  • Environmental cleanups
  • Pipeline removals and reclamation
  • Lease site construction
  • Reclamation and abandonment
  • Liner installation and removal
  • Facility decommissioning

Land Reclamation is integral to the sustainable operation of the oil and gas sector and other resource-based industries.

Well Site Construction

At SLA Industries we offer a range of services that contribute to the safe, cost-effective construction of well site leases and pipeline facility pads. Working as a sole-source contractor or sub-contractor, our services include:

  • Minimal disturbance well sites
  • Facility pads
  • Access road construction
  • Safety fencing
  • Erosion control

We provide assessments of the well site prior to any construction, and can arrange extra services such as mulching, timber salvaging, and standby Heavy Equipment.

Pipeline Right-of-Way Reclamation

We offer a range of reclamation services, all of which are carried out with well-maintained, industry-specialized equipment. New pipeline right-of-way reclamation includes:

  • Ditch-line packing
  • Subsoil and topsoil spreading
  • Rock picking
  • Compaction relieving
  • Seedbed preparation
  • Seeding
  • Fertilization
  • Erosion control (straw spiking, etc.)
  • Fencing

Our commitment to our clients and our breadth of services means we can see our clients through all stages of their projects: from reclamation to remediation and vegetation management.


Remediation is the process of repairing or decontaminating damaged soils. Every type of disturbance or contaminant is different and requires specific treatment. It’s important to approach remediation with expertise and quality equipment, and SLA has the capacity in both respects to provide remediation services for well sites and pipelines across Alberta.

Working with our service partners, we provide our clients with a detailed soil analysis. SLA then designs and executes a remediation plan to successfully treat and return the soil to a healthy state.

SLA works well as a sole contractor or sub-contractor for environmental companies.

Our remediation services:

Pipeline Remediation

Pipeline Right-of-Way Remediation

SLA provides pipeline right-of-way remediation services to restore disturbed land to acceptable conditions. These services become necessary when vegetation growth is stifled due to compacted soil or uneven topsoil placement in pipeline right-of-way areas.

Our pipeline right-of-way remediation services also include remediation for sunken ditch line, rough right-of-way and eroded right-of-way.

Well Site Remediation

When a well site is subjected to spills, contamination, or erosion, it becomes necessary to employ certain remediation procedures to bring it back to a safe and vital condition.

At SLA Industries, we handle much of our well site remediation work through onsite treatment and land farming. Land farming is a process where contaminated soil is diluted with clean soil and nutrient activating agents. Aeration and microbiological processes are then used to immobilize or degrade the contaminants. At SLA, we have the equipment and expertise to carry out such procedures with precision.

We also employ other well site remediation methods where needed, such as complete removal (waste transport) and replacement of contaminated soil.

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