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What We Offer

  • Asphalt Paving and Road Building - Commercial and Residential
  • General Contracting for all Aspects of Infrastructure Projects
  • Installation of Water, Sanitary and Storm Services
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Renewal

At SLA Construction we offer full construction services with extensive experience in general contracting, construction, project management, design-build and fast tracking. Our computer system is an integral part of our operation, providing us with a valuable tool for estimating, scheduling and cost control. Our team is capable of handling a wide range of projects - light and heavy industrial; commercial (service and retail); multi-storey; multi-family; retrofit and renovations; tenant improvements; turnkey ventures; and pre-engineered building systems.

General Contracting

Our General Contracting services are well known in the marketplace. Our competitive pricing is proven by the number of projects that we have completed in Western Canada. As a General Contractor, we work closely with the clients and their specifications to complete projects to their full satisfaction. Our goal is to finish projects ahead of schedule, while maintaining a high standard of quality workmanship. We tender both public and invitational projects.

Project Management

As Project Managers we manage the entire project on behalf of the owner. This means that, with the owner's assistance, we select the design team and then walk the owner through the design, tender, and construction of the project. This arrangement allows the owner to be involved without sacrificing their commitment to their business. Our project management services are complemented by our ability to provide full construction services. We take care of financial administration and we are directly accountable to our clients for all expenditures. Our project management expertise ensures unparalleled dedication to detail throughout every phase of the project thereby avoiding costly changes during construction. As the owners' representative we ensure that their needs are met and that they are completely informed as the project proceeds, making the final turnover effortless.

Construction Management

Our client plays an important role on the construction management team and we work as a team member alongside their architects and consultants. We assist in the design process and we continually monitor and evaluate possible alternatives to materials and design with a view to reducing construction costs while firmly supporting the architectural concepts and the needs of our client. Our construction services round out our construction management approach giving our client the confidence that their project will be completed to their specifications. In addition our team determines the best sub trade and suppliers for the project ensuring quality workmanship and adherence to schedule.


Our design-build services provide "one-stop-shopping" to meet our clients’ construction requirements. Our design process considers not only our clients current needs but also anticipates future needs. The design-build approach provides a custom solution for a firm price. We carefully direct the overall design process and review the design implications in the pre-construction phase of each project. With our construction experience, we are able to offer new technologies and alternative products, designs and systems which result in the design best suited to our client, these are other ways that we can ensure the most economical design without sacrificing quality. By using design-build methodology we are able to "fast-track" project delivery allowing us to meet tight client deadlines.

Special Projects

The SLA Special Projects division was formed in order to provide the widest construction service possible to our clients. While we are well known for providing general contracting, construction management, project management and design build service on larger projects many of our clients have projects which they may feel do not fit into this category. This division focuses on bringing full construction services to these clients.Any construction project is important to our clients - regardless of the size of the project. We want to bring the service, expertise, and experience we have from our larger projects and offer the same level of service to our clients with special project needs. These projects are labeled "Special" because of their diversity, their shorter time horizon, and the requirement to react quickly to a special situation. These projects may involve retrofits, renovations, tenant improvements, insurance claims, demolitions, pre-engineered structures, plus any other construction needs our clients require.

The SLA Special Projects division offers planning, design, estimating, budgeting, and construction management services. All or a combination of these services can be provided to meet the Special Project needs of our clients. Our Special Project clients receive the benefits of SLA's larger project experience. Benefits such as preferential pricing because of high volume, access to a wide variety of trade contractors who can react on short notice, and problem solving capabilities honed from our vast and varied construction experience, just to name a few. We believe all our clients should be afforded the same level of construction service regardless of project size. Our Special Projects division was established to provide this service.

Paving Systems

SLA Paving Systems, provide you with engineered and scientifically backed paving expertise required to start your next project, whether it would be commercial parking lots, residential driveways or general asphalt repair. Our team always focuses on creating long-lasting surfaces, and our customer’s benefit from our two decades of experience in the industry.

We treat every new project with a gimmick-free approach, focusing on quality while controlling turnaround. By keeping you fully involved we’re able to provide better results at a better price. We create a high-quality sub-base with well-compacted materials in order to ensure the best possible finish.

Snow Removal

SLA Industries provides snow removal and ice removal services so that you can travel with ease. Providing complete snow removal services such as snow plowing, hauling, sanding, as well as clearing sidewalks, salting, and removing ice and de-icer. We are equipped with state of the art commercial grade graders, front-end loaders, skid steers, Bobcats, and sanding units, as well as small sweepers, snow blowers, and sidewalk crews. We believe in providing detailed full snow plowing and clearing services that keep your property safe. SLA Industries is available twenty-four hours a day to assist you in relocating and removing snow from your site.

We provide snow removal services for commercial areas such as corporate offices, shopping centers, medical facilities, retail stores, and industrial properties. SLA Industries employs seasonal staff members equipped with the right tools, daily logs and ice removal experience.

Our Snow Removal Services Include:

  • Plowing
  • Clearing
  • Offsite Hauling
  • Shoveling
  • Detailed Sidewalk Shoveling
  • Sanding. Salting, and Gravel Services
  • Ice Removal and De-icer Services
  • Daily Log Books
  • 24 Hour availability

Available throughout the entire snow season, our services are competitive and reliable. We offer custom flat rates or “per time” fees for our customers. We can also provide hand shovelling services as needed or gravel renting services; set up an onsite gravel box for your parking lot and sidewalks.

Alberta winter conditions are harsh and unpredictable, plan ahead with your snow removal services so that your property is always safe and accessible for your clients and employees. We our one of Edmonton’s top snow removal companies and are available 24 hours.

For more information regarding our snow plowing and clearing services call our Edmonton office today at (587) 782 5190

Commercial / Municipal Snow Removal
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  • Cutting-Edge Tools for a Beautiful, Uniform Finish
  • Options for Parking Lots, Driveways, Walkways and More
  • Excellent Safety Record and Quality Materials
  • Durable Asphalt Repair Services for All Properties
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