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Subdivisions and Road Building

SLA Construction has been an active leader in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions and roadbuilding projects in Alberta. Our land development clients include both local private developers as well as nationally based companies. SLA has also successfully completed public sector land development projects of various sizes and purposes.

SLA maintains a fleet of excavators and articulating trucks that are able to complete all sizes of land development, road and environmental projects. Our earth-moving fleet includes a full complement of support equipment to meet all heavy civil grading and site preparation requirements. Construction of these projects requires meticulous site oriented planning and careful execution to meet strict deadlines, sensitive budgets and environmental regulations.

SLA is committed to excelling in the construction of new communities, industrial/commercial areas and roadbuilding, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Land Clearing, Removal & Salvage
  • Demolition of Existing Structures
  • Excavation of Earth to Grade
  • Construction of Engineered Lots / Berms / Roads & Road Structures
  • Installation of Erosion Control Products and execution of proper environmental protocols
  • Construction of Storm Water Management Facilities
  • Temporary & Permanent Drainage Solutions including ditches & swales
  • Importing & Exporting Excess Site Material via public roads
  • Quantity Calculation
  • Quality Control

SLA Industries is able to perform these and other operations safely and efficiently without hesitation or compromise. Our desire to be “ahead of schedule and under budget” is second only to our desire to be conscious of public safety and environmentally friendly. 

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